Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A little teaser - the first post in a long time!

Everything have been standing a bit still here at the blog (this goes out to you, Peter!). I got a new job in April being a fulltime viking. A actually that is what it turned out to be - a lot of wonderfull work and not a lot off spare time. Mikkel and Simon have also been buzy. With work, studying, attending new and exciting events but also making diffentent projects. So eventhough we haven´t been writing so much our hands have been buzy. Mikkel and I have among a lot of things been making viking clothes. So this little update is a teaser for more posts to come!

Also we could like to say hi and much velcome to the many new readers here at Haandkraft. It is lovely to see so many people tuning in eventhough we haven´t written for at while.


Joel said...

Hello, welcome back! I have been keeping an eye on your blog, hoping you would reappear eventually! I love the mix of stuff you all make and particularly the knives and leatherwork. I hope you'll bring some more work into view soon.


Racaire said...

Hi :)
Congratulations! ...sounds like a 'dream job' :D

EddieDuckling said...

Uh can't wait to see more lovely Viking clothes.

Take care,

Gorges Smythe said...

Very interesting blog; you should post more!

Louise said...

Dear Gorges
Yes you are absolutly right - we´ll give it a go soon.

indemejarecristi said...

Det var fan på tiden ;)