Friday, February 19, 2010

More Colour please!

While winter is still here with lots of snow and frost I´m continuing with my in-door dyeing. Can´t help my self! It is great to find the medieval spirit again - I have some how lost it in a lot of knitting projects. But I can now see the forthcomming markets and great medievaltrips as a kind of carot in front of me and this really helps. I have already sold some of my dyed yarns and this finances bying more wool and yarns.

I have dyed with Solidago canadensis, also know as Canadian Goldenrod. I have dyed woth woolen yarns and silk and the green is from adding iron in the end of the dye.


  1. It´s quite astonishingly beautiful
    really must pic up dyeing myself

  2. Nice result, I really dig the saffron yellowish hue. Was Goldenrod around in Medieval Europe?

  3. The canadian wasn´t, but ordinary goldenrod was (so yes I have not used the right one if yarn is to be used for medieval purpose). The ordinary goldenrot is supposed to give almost the same colour as the canadian one.

  4. WONDERFUL COLOURS.........!!!Inspired to knit something now. Thanks!