Friday, May 15, 2009

New embroidery

After I finished my final thesis for my medieval studies I just had to make some new embroidery. So I found some of the many woolen yarns that I have and decided for a pattern. I know that most of the geometric emberoidery were made with silks but those are quite har d to get in Denmark and at the moment I have so much beautiful natural dyed wool that I want to use. So for the moment all my embroidery is made with wool.

So far the embroidery is quite easy to do and I really like the colours and the pattern. I would actually say that this is my best piece to date. My plan for the embroidery is to make a small purse for my new 14th century outfit which I´m going to make soon.

The wool that I use is dyed with madder, indigo and tansy.


  1. Any tips for someone never having done embroidery that would like to try it.

  2. This is a beautiful pattern and will make a lovely purse. I think wool is still a nice choice, especially naturally dyed! Besides, the more brick stitchers out there, the better!

  3. It looks really good! I've also wondered about trying that embroidery in wool.

  4. Wow! Så inspirerande, nu blir jag verkligen sugen på att börja brodera jag också!

  5. Thanks for the compliments :0)

    This type of embroidery is quite easy. You only have to count threads in the fabric and use the patterns that you find on this website Here you can also read about this type of medieval embroidery. So visit a local embroidery shop or crafts shop and get started.

    I can realy recommend this pattern - it is real easy to stitch and you make good progress fast.I have already made twice as much as there is on the picture so hopefully there is going to be a new purse in the end of this month.