Monday, February 2, 2009 York stitch

I have made some needlebound socks (nålebinding) for a guy that is going to use them for an experiment where he and a group of students at Medieval archaeology here in Denmark are going to live a month in a reconstruction of the Hedeby house. The location is at the Moesgård Museum.

I had been surfing the interenet and found some interesting videos about needlebinding on YouTube. I found a great one with the York stitch and the result it very different from the three other stitches that I know (Mammen, Buttonhole and Medieval stitch). To see the video go to YouTube and search for York Stitch.

The stucture of the stitch is very flexible and they are very warm.


  1. Arj hvor er de fede Louise =)
    Jeg har også overvejet at prøve at lave et par sokker i york, men er ikke kommet så langt endnu.
    De ser super lækre ud.

  2. De är jättefina!
    Är garnet krappfärgat?

  3. Tak, Tak - nej garnet er desværre ikke krapfarvet.

  4. oh, they are n-i-c-e!
    I am trying to learn needlebinding, but unfortunately there is nobody near me who can show me how. So I am trying to learn off the internet. Not always easy =)

  5. No it is not always easy - but I find YouTube very helpfull. Have you seen Nusse Mellgrens book about nålebinding - it is sayd to be one of the easiest to learn from.