Friday, February 20, 2009

A couple of weeks ago Louise and I went to visit some friends (and hopefully soon-to be contributors to this blog).
We had a very pleasant experience and got to try some new and interesting crafts.

For my part I got an oppotunity to try some blacksmithing. This was something new to me, and also a very enjoyable experience!
I starded by making a couple of S-hooks (wich I wont post any pictures of) and went on to make an eatingknife for Louise.
I won't get into the details of the whole process, but I will post a picture.

Tha blade was forged from spring steel and the handle is made from beech... and I'm pretty pleased with the result. Especially since it's only the third thing I have ever tryed smithing. Perhaps it's only beginners luck ;-)


  1. Beginner's luck or no, it looks very nice!

  2. Kol å se, skall själv göra en snart.

  3. Jeg håber virkelig at jeg kan komme til at smede noget mere snart! Det er virkelig sjovt!
    Glæder mig til at se hvad du får lavet, Frej :-)

  4. it is good.. it may be for beginners