Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another bone belt buckle.

I just made another bone buckle last night. It is inspired by one made by an english guy (i think) who has made replicated artifacts for various museums. Including some for a museum in Ribe (Here in Denmark). All of very high quality stuff.
You can check out his archive here: Roland's archive (It's all good!)

The buckle I made is inspired by this one.
But it lacks the ornaments on Rolands example. Since I still have to learn how to do that.

Here Is the buckle just after the initial sawing.

And here it is after most of the filing has been done.

I am really starting to enjoy working with bone. So I am definately going to make some more bone stuff in the future.


  1. As always, superb work, master.

    What kind of bone did you use? I didn't know that pig bones could be so nicely polished

    Ribeting the rod for the pin in that buckle had to be really tricky, how did you manage to do that? I would have broken half buckle with the hammer.

  2. @Axil
    I used pig bones... or at least I think they are trom a pig. The size seems right for the size of a pig.

    The riveting was really fiddely! I did one end of the rod in a wice. Then I put it through the hole I drilled in the buckle and riveted the other side. It took quite a long time. I think the rod bent a little in the hole and kind of wedged it self into place.

  3. very nice, makes me want some bone stuff!