Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tent complete!

Finaly we have finished our tent! And we are both (Louise and I) very pleased with the result, and looking forward to field testing this coming week.

The tent is ca. 3 m tall, 4m wide and 7m long. The canvas is made from cotton and we have sewn the whole thing om a sewingmachine. So no authentic handsewn seams on this project.

The poles are made from spruce. Not the toughest of woods, but it should be perfect for tentpoles. And it has the advantage of not being to heavy.
We have painted the poles red with linseed oil paint.

There will be more pictures later, but here are some details on the tent.

The edges of the "flap" were reinforced with jute-band, to prevent the rope from tearing through the canvas.

Of course we had to celebrate the ocation with "Expensive champagne" :-)


  1. Lovely! I do have a question for you, what inspired the flap ties that you are using? They appear to be loops of rope that are knotted at one end and then passed through the two layres of canvas (flap and tent). How well do they hold the flap shut?

  2. They are inspired by other tents, that we have seen, that use this method of closing the flap.
    It works perfectly.

    The distance between the knots should not be more than ca. 20-25 cm.

  3. Machine sewing versus hand sewing, that I can understand but why cotton instead of linen?
    Your answer is very interesting for me because I am about to make (or most probably buy) a tent myself.

  4. We started by buying cotton because we could get it for a very reasonable price.
    We thoght that since the were to hand sew the whole thing... the matieral should also be authentic. Otherwise we would get a very labour intensive tent, that weren't even authentic.

    Also... Cotton is pretty light and sunlight will shine through more easily. So the tent won't be very dark.
    The tent weighs about 17kg... i guess that if we had used wool or linen, it would be alot heavier.

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  6. I am about to make or buy a tent myself.
    Do you have some drawings you want to share?
    And do you have any idea wheater its cheaper or not to make it yourself..


  7. Nice work. It's good to see someone doing their own research into the making of reenactment items.
    Take a peek at my site if you wish:

  8. Would you be willing to share your pattern for making this french double wedge?

  9. Would you be willing to share your pattern for making this tent? I am weighing my options between making my own and buying one already made. Thanks!

  10. Is there room for a bed in the bell or do you have to use the "main room?"