Monday, November 17, 2008

More Embroidery

I promissed that I´d show more pictures of the silk embroidery when it came along. Now I´m allmost finished and I am now woundering about that colour to put in side the little pouch.
I have found some red silk and so far that is the best option.

I have also started a new project. I were looking at the internet one day and came across a great idea on a blog some were. So I can´t say that the idea is mine. You can see the original idea at EWKA She have finished here pillow and it will be very intresting to see the end result.

The idea is to make a bed pillow with squares in white, red and greens in a checker pattern. There were shown a couple of 15th century pictures of bedding scenes and behind the back of the person in bed were the pillows.

So I have now started the project. I had it with me on a small winter market here in start November and found it to be so much easier to talk to people since the pattern is so easy. There is no complicated animals/geometric patterns and that ment that I actually hade some work done eventhough there were poeple to talk to.

My plan is that the pillow is going to be about 40 x 60 cm. I can´t quite decide if the pillow is going to be open in the ends with lacing or if it is going to be closed. I´ll have to look at some more pictures before I decide.


  1. This is awesome (both ones)! And so inspiring.. if I just had more time I'd start embroidering a purse right away!
    Good luck with the pillow, do you plan to have both sides embroidered or just the "front"?

  2. Thank you son much!
    My plan is to just do the front side - this alreay takes enough time as it is. But I really like doing the pattern since it is SO easy. So I might start up a new pillow when I´m done with this one.

  3. The purse is coming along nicely! Although you could use any color in the embroidery for the lining, I think red is a great choice. I also love the check pattern. I have seen it in period art but I don't remember where. It does look easy - I may have to try it!

  4. This geometrical/check pattern on pillow is veeery interesting but I saw it few months ago on another blog page... Unfortunatelly it was my blog and this pattern is my private and modern design not a historical reconstruction.

  5. I hope very much that you are not mad at me for using you idea?
    And hope that it might be ok that I link to your blog?

    It was certinly not my intention to hurt anyones feling by make the same pattern! :0(

    About the pattern i have not used your way of drawing the spuares. I count the stitches, so that every spuare is excactly the same. And I know that there is no survieved embroidery with that kind of pattern and that it is made based on pitures.

    Again I really do not hope that you are mad...

  6. My God! I dreamed about orginal pillow/cushion cover and now all my dreams just go away! Tell me why You even didn't change the colours? Why!?

    I'm joking of course!
    If You like to link my blog page it will be really pleasure for me.

  7. You had med going for a little while :0). I am really glad that you are not mad!

    I would love to link to yor page. You make really nice things and love the pic of you and the baby in Bern. Would love to se more and hear about your trips with Sct. George and the things that you make for your out-fit.