Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Medieval silk embroidery

Now it´s my turn to contribute with a new post to this new blog. I have made some embroidery in the last year - see my old blog
I found some really great silk on a market and have now started a new piece. The picture doesn´t really do the silk justice but you can get a sense the glow a bit in the white and the yellow. I´t makes a really great diffence to make the embroidery in silk and not in DMC - so that is the plan in the future (or to use a really thin or strong wool)


  1. Thank you...are hoping to have it done sone, so that I can ha it with me on a medieval arrangment the 1. November.

  2. I agree, those are really nice colors. I look forward to seeing finished pictures. You said in your post that you found a good silk. What type is it and where did you get it?

  3. I think it is silk floss but I´m not sure. Maybe I can post a pic of just the tread if you´d like it?
    I bought the tread at a medival group called "Saxo Grammaticus" that sells it at medieval markets here in Dk. It was a very good price and I know regreet that I didn´t by some more.

  4. the colors are awesome looking forward for further colors and designs